Here are a few references from some of my recent clients

I recommend Sylvie in a heartbeat to anyone !

I want to especially thank Sylvie Calixte with my recent purchase of a condo. Sylvia impressed me since the day we met. She was very througrough in checking every aspects of prospective condo. She sincerely works for my best interest! I recommend Sylvie in a heartbeat to anyone !


I thought I knew it all after 32 years of buying and selling. . .

You First Real Estate is truly the real deal

I can tell you that Your First Real Estate is truly the real deal. I have had nothing but good experiences with them. I have bought and sold a lot of houses and thought I knew how to do it; I had a good history of doing it. Specifically, there was a house in a rural area we had it on the market for 8 months. We had priced it below market yet we weren’t getting any showings or offers. Nothing was happening at all. The problem was that the market changed and there were certain houses we just could not sell.

You First Real Estate had approached me many times for a period of several months. Finally, after enough much frustration I decided to give the You First Real Estate team a try. In what seemed like no time at all we had 68 showings a lot of offers. In the end we sold our house for the same price the other realtor hadn’t been able to sell it for. If it weren’t for You First, I don’t think we would have sold our home.

I Talked to 28 realtors and NONE HAD MARKETING LIKE Joe. I was very skeptical after many failed attempts to sell

I had my home on the market for quite a while and it wouldn’t sell with many realtors over the course of 1 year. Once it expired I had many realtors sending me information, probably 40. Then I saw something that Joe sent me and it caught my eye. I was very skeptical about working with realtors after being burned over and over. I decided to give Joe a shot and was very happy that I did. I found him to be someone who didn’t make false promises. His marketing team came up with a plan and it really worked!  He was not just sitting back once my house on was on the MLS and wait for another realtor to bring the buyer. He’s was very aggressive on getting my offers and working out the best one to get me the most money. He’s much more technologically advanced than anyone I had dealt with and most of all he has integrity, he does what he says he will do. I found him to be competent and caring. He addresses every issue I bring up with respect and I have now sold my home and I’m very happy. If I had to sell or buy another home I would come back to Joe.


Hard to sell luxury home was what all other agents told me. . .

Our home was on the market for a while with no activity, when it came to for a new agent I decided to give Joe a try. I wanted to sell the home and not have people walking through by home that were not really interested. I’ve heard nothing but complaints (from other sellers) about to many showings, but it just wasn’t an issue for us. We had a handful of buyers that were already approved and narrowed down to this is exactly what they are looking for. We didn’t end up showing the house an overabundance. I had a friend who complained about 80 to 90 showings and not one offer. When they had offers come through their real estate agent just wasn’t able to get the deal done. I kept telling her you need to call Joe. Joe was able to take care of every little situation that came up for me. He was able to think through things before they were a problem. After getting the contract, I was concerned with the inspection, because this house was older. I was also concerned with the appraisal but the process went smoothly. Joe was really involved with the whole process to made sure they were aware of all the upgrades to get me the most money for the home. I’ve already recommended Joe to a lot of people. I say if you want to sell your house you need to this guy to handle it for you.

REAL Advertising got MY home sold. Great advertising team

After a year and a half of being listed with two other realtors Your First Real Estate was able to sell my home in 65-days and for more than 98% of the asking price. My home had been listed for over 18-months without a sale and it just seemed like high-end homes like ours just weren’t moving. It seemed to be true for our home too. However, because of the You First Real Estate’s extensive online advertising and promotion, they found a buyer within in just a little over two months who bought it for virtually the same price I had been listed with the other realtors.
We used You First Real Estate because we felt like they did more than any other agent had before them. Other agents seemed to just throw the home on the MLS and then would disappear, conveniently forgetting to call us again. With the You First team we were updated every week during the entire process. They did more advertising and promotion than anyone else in the area. I had seen all of the ads and flyers from the Curry Team and initially thought they were just under-pricing homes. But thankfully what I actually thought turned out to be wrong. After a short and easy meeting with the Your First Real Estate team, we felt like confident our home would sell. The results were proven and after 65-days our home sold and got the price we were looking for.


Timing was very important to us!

We were very happy that they were able to move the property at a time that was very crucial to us. At first we hired someone to sell our home that didn’t really know what they were doing. They were new to the business. Then, when we hired You First Real Estate it was amazing. They did so much much more for us than the other agents had. At the time, it became very urgent that we sell our home and it became very tiresome to deal with the variety of things that came up. However, once You First Real Estate got involved things quickly changed for the better. They were diligent and persistent and tenacious.
In the end they were able to sell our house at a very critical time. If we had not been able to sell our house when we did, we would have had a heap of problems. At first when we received the You First fliers, we were very skeptical as we had already been burned several times. However, we took a chance and everything worked out in the end. The You First team did everything they said they would do. It is with confidence and trust that we would highly recommend them for any of your upcoming real estate transactions. I’m sure there are others out there that may be up against the clock and facing crunch time in terms of selling a home. You First will get the job done right away.



I would highly recommend You First Real Estate
We found ourselves in a pretty sticky spot. We bought our house at the wrong time and then were about $80,000 upside down. After struggling with the payments, we put it on the market. We had almost no activity until Your First Real Estate got involved. They were able to negotiate with the banks get a fair payoff. Everything went great and the You First team kept us in the loop until our house sold.
It was such a great relief because being in financial trouble is just one of the hardest things any family can endure. It felt like a giant weight was lifted and we were now able to move on and build a new life. You First were true to their word keeping us updated on a constant basis. Even when there were a few bumps in the road (which had nothing to do with them), they kept us informed and just knowing the truth helped us greatly. We felt like they were fighting for us every step of the way.
I’m in sales myself and obviously there is always a temptation to sell your client on more than you could deliver. What we experienced with You First was the exact opposite. They under-promised and over-delivered and in the end we were very happy with the service. I could tell that they were making things happen that were typically very difficult for most agents. They were able to navigate through the complex mortgage banking system like pros. I would highly recommend You First Real Estate to anyone looking for a professional real estate agent to help them buy or sell a home.


Bad experience with other realtors 🙁

In the one year experience with other realtors, we only had one so-called offer and it was a little iffy at that. You First Real Estate put a plan together and suddenly things began to happen. We started getting offers immediately and within 2-months later the house was sold. We were really satisfied with the outcome.
We had kind of figured out what our bottom line needed to be and were really excited that we sold the home for more than we had expected, even with the decline in the housing market. If you want your home sold quickly, then you can trust the agents at You First Real Estate. They have some great ideas on how to sell homes quickly and at the best price.


It was a dream come true !!

I was surprised at how easy the process was

Ok, I will admit that I couldn’t stand the thought of selling my home. Don’t get me wrong. I have some nice memories in the place. Some nice sedimentary moments to cherish. But that wasn’t what held me back. It was the idea of strangers invading my home like man-sized cockroaches. Poking into my private belongings. Asking awkward personal questions. Sniffing my fridge. All that fun stuff.

I knew letting people visit the home was a necessary evil if I wanted to sell it, because this was my 7th home I had sold. But I had no idea how to keep it from becoming a major sideshow attraction. I thought of trying to sell it privately myself. Then my neighbors kindly terrified me with their horror stories of private selling. I promptly decided that this was something better left to the professionals. So I called a local realtor that a neighbor was using and he told me he could get the job done. He also informed many different agents and people would be walking through my home. Also he told me that that it would take 3-6 months to sell the home, and I could not handle making my home the new stomping ground for that long.

Hearing my plight, a friend recommended Joe Nickelson. This friend assured me that he would make selling my house very easy. After a couple days of contemplating I made the call. I was pleasantly surprised at what he told me. Joe informed me that each buyer would be vetted and he would be on hand for every showing. If they weren’t on his list, they were not getting in. It was like I had my own personal bouncer!

My enthusiasm dampened when he wanted to sell my home for $28,500 more than the other agent. Also there where nicer homes in my neighborhood priced less than mine and none of which were selling! I told him my concerns, thinking this whole thing was a waste of time and money. He assured me that his system was different from what the others realtors where using, and it would sell my home fast, at the full asking price!

I was still skeptical, so I called my friend back to talk to her about it. She also assured me Joe’s method would work. He’d done it for her with her own home. I decided to give it a go, preparing myself for a wild ride.

The next day Joe sent a photographer to take pictures and a video. I have to say I was completely blown away with how nice my home looked in the video and the marketing strategy they came up with. The day after he started advertising we had over 14 buyers wanting to see the home. After just three showings we had three full price offers. Then we had two more from buyers who had not even walked through the home.

After Joe reviewed the offers with me, we accepted a full price offer! But now I have a new problem. I need to be out of my home in 45 days! If I wasn’t careful, I was about to be a very wealthy homeless person! So off I went with Joe to look at homes. I thought the hard part was done when I found the neighborhood and layout that I wanted. But to my dismay there was only one home for sale in that area. Joe told me not to worry. We would have plenty of homes to look at tomorrow. Sure enough, the man cold-called every house in the neighborhood and found eight more sellers!

Joe negotiated the price, the terms, and took care of everything. All I had to do was pick the one I wanted.

I have to say I was blown away with how easy the whole process was. Joe was always two steps ahead of any problems. If you are thinking of buying or selling your home, I can thoroughly recommend Joe.

Full price cash offer, highest price in area! Large amount of exposer got me my asking price..

I choose You First Reality because I liked the large amount of exposure you are provided on the Internet, with the videos ,drone. I was shocked when we had three offers right off the bat, but Joe told me to hold off for another week for a full price offer. Sure enough we had a cash full price offer a week later!  Everything was done for me for a timely closing and it was painless!. I didn’t do any of it. Joe did all of it. I feel that the increased technology in the advertising and the presentation of my home really made a difference in how quickly it sold and getting my asking price as well. I like really like all the video and the drone shots, it showed the close proximity to the beach. You can say it’s two blocks from the beach but then there are short blocks and there are long blocks. I most definitely would recommend Joe and You First Real Estate in general for anybody who was thinking of selling their house or buying a house.

Thank you for taking the time to go over this info package

My team and I specialize in getting home sold that other agents have failed to sell. We take a totally different approach, with nothing short of producing amazing results. We thrive on getting homes SOLD, and we do just that every day.

The market is always changing and so are we. Keeping up with the latest marketing strategies, but with never losing focus on you the client. We don’t just focus on one brokerage or a handful of agents. We work with EVERY brokerage to get your home sold for the highest price. By providing every agent in every brokerage with all our secret tools to sell your home, it is going to make your home stand out from ALL the rest.

Here is just a handful of brokerages we work with here in Calgary and around the world: Re/Max House Of Realestate, Coldwell Banker, Century 21 Advanetage, Sutton Group CanWest, Re/Max Realty Horizon, CIR Realty Ltd, Re/Max Real Estate (Central), Realty Executives, Colliers International, Exp Realty, The Real Estate Company.

Thank you for taking the time to go over this info package

I look forward to selling your home and showing you how easy we will make the process for you. Call me now on my cell (403) 689-6313 and I can go over the process with you.

Sylvia Calixte